A New Horizon

Every now and then, I decide I'm going to post one of my writings. My family loves everything I write, and they support me. Which is one of the things I love most about them! But, as I was saying,I will post my various writings here and there among my normal blog posts. Today is a poetry day. So read and please enjoy!

A New Horizon

When the sun goes down, so does my love
For you, then I lament.
But stars shine down from up above.
And our time will be well spent!

It may seem dark, in truth, it is
But I will never fret.
My love is different from that of his.
Of that, you can surely bet!

Your breath is like the morning sun.
It's comforting and warm.
Your beauty, it compares to none!
And now our love will form.

As we lay in silent bliss,
You look me in the eyes.
You gave me just one heartfelt kiss!
And then you said goodbye!

You left me crying on the hill,
And stabbed me through the heart
I'll make it through, I know I will!
For I see another start.

Mother Dearest...

For you people reading this, my mother writes "Living a Quotable Life". I am, in fact, her oldest. According to her I am one of many names. "Big K" or "The Teen" or something along those lines. My blog is for a plethora of different things. I will basically copy my mother. Although, I won't blog about sleepless nights, or dimentia like she does. Anyway, I feel the need to tell her something. Something that I cannot tell her out loud. I would simply screw up. So, mother, if your reading, this is for you:
Dear Mom,
I love you. You are the greatest person in my life. We both can't make it in this world without one another. It doesn't matter what other people think. You are perfect in my eyes. You should be perfect in your eyes. You are you, and I love you just the way you are. You are strange and crazy and funny and all of the above. You are my mommy and I love you! Please don't ever leave me! Even though at times it seems like I don't care, I really do. I love you and I wanted you to know.
Big K

Mother dearest... you are perfect.

Jungle of Life

There's a Jungle in which we live in,
A Jungle in which we have survived.
It's not as easy as we thought
But we have made it here.

We live this life that we are given.
We should thank God we're alive...
This war we've constantly fought.
I am the Overseer.

Why do we fight?
Why do we sing? Why should we do anything?

Why do we cry?
Why do we hope? Because, it's what we have.

We have a hope. We have a dream.
It's foolish, yes, but yet we live.
How is a mystery.

A fickle light; it's glowing beam.
Everyone will have a family.
Everyone has something to give.
Our suffering is history.

The Jungle in which we live
is part of our strife.
Everyone has something to give.
This Jungle which we live in is Life.